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Army MSG Broadnax - Signal Support - Why I Joined SFAB
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Traits Army leadership seeks to find in potential SFAB Soldiers include:

    • Expertise in the profession of arms
    • Persistent agility and flexibility (adaptive to changing conditions)
    • Professional leadership experience 
    • Proven track record of functioning as a standard bearer (always teaching through example and demonstrating strong moral character)
    • Complex problem-solving skills (always finding solutions)
    • Understanding of the human element in others
    • Ability to think on a commonsense level

Requirements for volunteering include:

    • Rank of E-6 or above
    • Proof of completion of Key Developmental (KD) assignment and demonstrated excellence in past performance
    • Minimum General Technical (GT) Score of 110
    • Physical Capacity/Stamina, Upper Extremities, Lower Extremities, Hearing, Eyes, Psychiatric (PULHES) profile of 111211 or better with no Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) limiting profile
    • Minimum APFT score of 240 points
    • Secret Security Clearance
    • Fully deployable

Soldiers interested in volunteering for the 54th SFAB should contact their branch manager for more information and for next steps. To locate the appropriate branch manager, Soldiers may go to HRC.army.mil/content/5418 and use their assigned Common Access Card (CAC) or Department of Defense Self-Service (DS) Login to access a listing of branch manager contact information.

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