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Army National Guard medical professionals participating in a medical team conference held at the Professional Education Center at Camp Robinson, Ark. Photo courtesy National Guard Professional Education CenterArmy National Guard medical professionals participating in a medical team conference held at the Professional Education Center at Camp Robinson, Ark. Photo courtesy National Guard Professional Education Center

Readiness Starts Here

There comes a point in the career cycle of many Soldiers when the option to serve the National Guard on a full-time basis becomes a reality. Once operating in a full-time position, a time may also come when a Soldier has mastered the basic, and perhaps even intermediate, technical skills of their military occupational specialty. Standing at the point of this career milestone, a Soldier may either maintain at this point of respectable proficiency or they may decide to press further forward reaching for the next tier of expertise. For the Soldier who chooses to press on, the Army National Guard’s Professional Education Center can help them achieve these higher level goals.

The Lavern E. Weber Professional Education Center (PEC), located at Camp Robinson in North Little Rock, Arkansas, is the national training center for the full-time staff of the Army National Guard. Founded in 1974, the 75-acre campus is comprised of six training centers dedicated to enhancing the readiness of Army National Guard Soldiers.

The PEC offers Soldiers leading-edge distributed learning courses that are fully accredited by the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command. Now able to reach students through the Reserve Component Automation System, which provides web-based video production and two-way audio and video capabilities, PEC staff are equipped to conduct classes not only from the main facility at Camp Robinson, but also remotely at other training sites, armories, schoolhouses and agencies around the world.

Employing approximately 420 military and civilian personnel, highly competent PEC staff facilitates the training of more than 20,000 Soldiers each year. Since its founding, the PEC has grown to become the National Guard’s premier training and conference center. The PEC’s six training centers are:

Human Resources & Readiness Training Center (HRRTC)

The HRRTC improves unit readiness by training full-time National Guard personnel in the fields of human resources and readiness. The Human Resources Team offers classes to support administrative personnel, while the Readiness Team offers courses directed to those who are responsible for managing a unit’s training activities and readiness posture. Courses offered include ARNG Basic HR & Admin, Medical Readiness NCO, Officer-In-Charge and Brigade/Battalion S-1.

Installations, Logistics & Environmental Training Center (IL&ETC)

The IL&ETC trains on optimal techniques for the movement of materials and resources needed to complete a mission, regardless of size, using efficient and environmentally friendly methods.

Information Technology Training Center (ITTC)

The ITTC provides relevant training and educational assistance to all full-time National Guard IT professionals. The center provides advanced training in critical automation domains including network security, network engineering, server administration and database administration. The ITTC is also home to the National Guard’s Cyber Operations Range.

Organizational Readiness Training Center (ORTC)

The ORTC trains Soldiers on current and emerging methodologies for process, behavior and organization (PB&O) improvements. The ORTC team offers instruction on the most efficient approach to executing National Guard policies, while embracing PB&O doctrine.

Resource Management Training Center (RMTC)

The RMTC trains on the best business procedures to ensure the Army National Guard produces mission-ready units in support of the National Military Strategy. The center’s instructors help to facilitate, within the Army National Guard, a cost management culture that supports a fully mission-capable readiness posture.

Strength Maintenance Training Center (SMTC)

Training the Army National Guard’s Recruiting and Retention Command is the primary responsibility of SMTC. The SMTC team trains in recruiting, retention and attrition management. SMTC is also the only active duty NCO Academy in the Army National Guard.

Talk to your command if you believe one of the PEC course offerings could benefit you and your unit. For more information about the PEC or to view the PEC course catalog, visit

By Staff Writer Tatyana White-Jenkins

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