Noble Partner 18: Combined Urban Operations

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2CR conduct a combined urban operations exercise with Georgian soldiers, Georgian Special Forces, British soldiers, and the Ukrainian Infantry Marines at Vaziani Training Area, Georgia Aug. 10, 2018 as part of Exercise Noble Partner 18. Noble Partner 18 is a Georgian Armed Forces and U.S. Army Europe cooperatively-led exercise in its fourth iteration intended to support and enhance the readiness and interoperability of Georgia, the U.S. and participating nations.

A U.S. Army Europe and Georgian Armed Forces-led exercise in its fourth iteration, Exercise Noble Partner 18 garnered the participation of over 3,000 troops from 13 nations this past August. In addition to forces from the host country of Georgia, forces from the United States, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, France, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom all took part in this year’s exercise.

Noble Partner supported the training of Georgian Armed Forces’ mechanized and Special Operations Forces. Key tasks were conducting reception staging and onward movement (RSOM), conducting reverse RSOM, a tactical road march, combined urban operations, air assaults and combined live-fire exercises in the vicinities of the Vaziani and Camp Norio Training Areas in Georgia.

“We were able to design some very challenging and complex live fires, which pushed our Soldiers to make decisions under pressure in an environment in which we were reliant on our Georgian partners,” said LTC Andrew Gallo, commander of 3rd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment. “The relationship between the United States and Georgia has been made much stronger at the tactical level.”

Georgia has a very good reason to promote the training of its armed forces. While Georgia gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 and has since had close ties with the West, its location along the Black Sea near the borders of Eastern Europe places it in dangerous proximity to Russian-affiliated forces.

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